Mick lives in the lovely village of Seahouses, on the coast of the beautiful county of Northumberland, in the very north of England.
Covid-19 has meant that face to face in person Tarot readings are not safe or allowed for the moment. So I am very happy to talk to you in other ways, to make sure that you can receive the advice and guidance that I want to help you with.
Mick uses Tarot to help to find answers to issues, he uses dowsing, particularly with a pendulum, and he uses runes to help face to face contacts. And he is a medium, able to communicate with spirit.

Distant Readings

I am able to undertake readings for you using your computer or your phone (UK only)! Readings are available at a distance (face to face on the other side of the computer screen) using Skype, Zoom or FaceTime,. If you would prefer it, we can simply undertake the reading using your speaker, so have a reading exactly like a phone call. AND this works all around the world.
For some people, a reading using instant messenger may  be preferred. We can use FaceBook Messenger, or a messenger of your choice. We can also undertake readings using email.
Distance is NO OBJECT to a reading from Mick.
Mick has read for people around the world every week for the past decade, working for the Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI). He reads professionally most days on the phone and text for people around the world.

Tarot Reader