Tarot Reader

What is a Tarot reading?

Tarot has a history which dates back at least to the renaissance. Six hundred years ago, it was simply a card game. But over the course of the centuries, people have begun to use those cards as a tool to access wisdom. In the twentieth century, new sorts of Tarot have been developed, which allow our use of the cards for divination to develop further. Does Tarot tell the future? Mick strongly believes that it does not. But what it does do is look to where we are heading in our life, which allows us to shape our own future. Acting as an oracle as it does, we are invited to act to create our own future. If what is shown is good, we work to achieve it. If what is shown is not what we want, we take steps to avoid it. But what is clear is that we make our own future. A Tarot reading, whether face to face or at a distance, involves shuffling and spreading the Tarot cards (and they are JUST plastic coated playing cards - nothing scary there either!) You may simply ask Tarot for an ‘open’ reading - no formal question - just ask what you need to know. Or you may ask a question - love, finances, jobs, anything (but health - that’s a question for the Doctor, not us!) And we see what the cards have to tell you. Be careful though. Make sure that you want to hear the answer Tarot gives. It can be pretty blunt at times!

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Tarot can be used in a spread, where each card has a meaning in its place.
Often though, Mick just spreads them and lets the cards speak for themselves.