Tarot Reader

The Pendulum

At its simplest, a weight hanging from a piece of string, a pendulum is a tool which has been used for centuries. Close to Seahouses where Mick lives is Bamburgh. There stands a castle. In the fifth century a well was built, 150ft deep through the hardest rock in England, allowing the castle water, to allow it to withstand sieges for the rest of its history. That well is still there, a monument to ingenuity. Was a pendulum used to indicate water below the castle walls? We will never know, but for giving us information which we can’t otherwise obtain, a pendulum is unsurpassed. While Tarot, runes and the other oracles we have spoken about are good for finding answers to questions which are complex, the pendulum excels at the simple answer, where yes and no are the options.
Even today it (and its relation, divining rods) is used by public authorities in the UK to find water. It can also help find lost property, and while not a sat nav, can allow us to find our way around. It is the tool of choice for allowing us to answer questions that have a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. In the hands of a trained user such as Mick, the pendulum is a real help to answering our questions.
Tarot is an extraordinary tool for helping us with complex issues. Sometimes though, the simple question just needs a yes or no answer. For that, the Pendulum is unsurpassed in my view.