Tarot Reader

Using Oracles

Tarot is not the only tool I use to assist you. I live within sight of the ancient Christian centre of Lindisfarne, the early target of the Vikings in 793AD. I create and use Viking runes to help to answer questions and address issues you may be having.
Runes can be very powerful, both when used to guide and support you in your choiices and decisions, and in their role as Talisman, carried to allow their energy to help and support you. To have a runes reading you pick your own runes from a bag, and cast them onto a mat. In casting them, that uses a technique first described by the Roman historian Tacitus in 54BC. It is hugely powerful, but it also means that YOU need to be present for a runes reading to take place. Sadly, runes are not available to support and assist you if that is not possible, other than as a Talisman. As soon as we are able once again to meet face to face safely and lawfully, I am looking forward to being able to properly use this powerful tool to help you with your questions. And powerful it is!
Runes may be made from Wood or Stone. Mick makes his from beach stone.