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Mick lives in the lovely village of Seahouses, on the coast of the beautiful county of Northumberland, in the very north of England.

He works to help to support and assist people. He does this in many different ways, but this website looks at his work with spirit.

I prefer to work face to face whenever we can. I understand that travelling  is not always possible. So I am very happy to talk to you in other ways, to make sure that you can receive the advice and guidance that I want to help you with. This works.

Mick has read for people around the world every week for the past decade, working for Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI).

He uses Tarot to help to find answers to issues, he uses dowsing, particularly with a pendulum, and he uses runes to help face to face contacts. And he is a medium, able to communicate with spirit.

Oracle Cards

All of us have a friend or family member for whom buying a present is a real challenge! Sometimes they already have everything. Sometimes, they don’t want anything! Why not let them get some help and advice and support from Tarot?

Tarot Reader gift tokens are available for as little as £35 and they are valid for a full year from purchase.

Readings can take place face to face in Seahouses, or using phone, email, and video or audio messenger services, around the world.

Contact us for more information or to purchase YOUR gift token today.